Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

The “Avia Group” Ltd. offers special services for aircraft maintenance of air ambulance, private and corporate aviation on the territory of Sheremetyevo International Airport.




Since 1950-ies a number of countries set up rules for aviation that prohibited planes to take off if there was frost (rime, mist), snow or ice on their wings, propellers or control surfaces.


It is a common practice to perform works on ice protection of planes on the ground before takeoff. The surface of the plane is treated by special liquids to remove ice when the plane is on the ground and to prevent glare ice formation in the air when doing high-level operations.


“Avia Group” Ltd. performs a full complex of works on anti-ice treatment of aircraft in compliance with the requirements of NTERAT GA-93, NPP GA-85 and recommendations of the Federal Air Transport Agency as well as in compliance with International standards ISO 11076 (methods of aircraft anti-ice treatment), SAE ARP4337 and recommendations of AEA.


Anti-ice treatment is done by special machines “Elephant” made by VESTERGAARD COMPANY that were developed and manufactured compliant to the requirements of EN123126 that apply to antiicing equipment (all emergency vehicles have certificates of compliance to the norms accepted in the Russian Federation).


The following types of liquids produced by the Oktafluid company are used for the procedures:

Type 1 OCTAFLO EG compliant to SAE AMS 1424/ISO 11075;

Type 4 MAXFLIGHT 04 compliant to SAE AMS 1428/ISO 11078.