The subsidiary of Sheremetyevo International Airport (“Avia Group” Ltd.) was established in 2006. It was created with the aim to develop ground infrastructure for business aviation at Sheremetyevo airport.

Since 2006 modern hangars with adjoining areas for storage and technical maintenance of business aviation aircraft have been commissioned. Currently the project of the new Terminal A that will be used to service business aviation aircraft is under development.



Construction of new modern hangars for aircraft technical maintenance and storage became the first stage of creation of the Business Aviation Centre in Sheremetyevo International Airport due to the increased demand for short and long term storage of aircraft. The reasonable pricing policy of the “Avia Group” Ltd. allowed it to sign a number of long term contracts for storing “business jets” already during the first two months of operation of its hangar complex.


The hangar complex of “Avia Group” Ltd. comprises two modern hangars for storage and maintenance of Business aviation aircraft. The hangars are located on the territory of Sheremetyevo airport and occupy a total area of some 15 ths sq.m. with an extensive adjoining area of 23 ths sq.m.


The buildings of the hangar complex of “Avia Group” Ltd. are equipped with modern engineering systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical facilities, lighting, anti-lightning protection and electrical earthing; automated fire-fighting, communication, radio notification, video surveillance; security and fire alarm; water supply and sewerage. Availability of extensive hangar premises and modern technical and material base allows “Avia Group” Ltd. to offer their clients services on technical maintenance of Russian and foreign-made business class aircraft.